For over 100 years, gummy treats have been the absolute eye candy of children and youngsters alike. But now the gummy bear has grown up. Modern times call for an upgraded and more nutritional version of these age-old candy delights and that’s where we come in. At Nutracode, we produce Gummies that are a fun blend of flavor and nutritionally enriched supplements. These USA labeled and FDA approved vitamin gummies are ideal supplements for people of all age.
Introducing Multi-Vitamin Gummies – A new and enhanced way of taking your vitamin supplements!  

Natural Ingredients

Nutracode Gummies are the new-age vitamin supplements taking the market by storm with their preparation and benefits

Our Vitamin Gummies are :

– Completely Vegan in preparation
– Made from Natural Colors & Flavors
– Enriched with Multi-Vitamin Minerals

Why Choose Gummy Vitamins?

Earlier, taking vitamins was more fun for children because they had everything from chewing candy vitamins to various fruity liquid supplements. Now, after almost a decade, the supplement market is once again filled with Multi-Vitamin gummies for adults and their increasing popularity has made them an enjoyable part of most adults’ supplement intake. Nutracode produces high-end multi-vitamin gummies with enriched mineral intake that works as the perfect dietary and nutrition supplement.

  • Natural flavor of Gummies pleasantly masks the strong odor and taste of the pills
  • Gummies are easier to chew and don’t need to be swallowed like regular pills
  • Gummies can enrich your dietary intake with a host of vital minerals and nutrients

More and more individuals are switching to this fun and chewy way of taking vitamin supplements. Have you tried Nutracode Multi-Vitamin Gummies yet?